TOTAL BEGINNER/COMPLETE NOVICE COURSE   £145/£185 All courses are one to one tuition.   2nd person discount of £25.

1 day course from 10.30-13.30 or 11.30-14.30. Whatever you want to call it this course really is for total beginners.   Girls who have literally never arranged a flower in their lives are taking home some amazing arrangements, just look at the photos on the gallery page. A complete introduction to flower arranging, including advice on the purchase and preparation of all floral materials will be given. We will focus on simple, but effective flower arrangements, all of which you will keep at the end of the day.  Introduction to beginners flower arranging course includes

  • The Elements of Design including colour, balance and structure.
  • At least three/four beautiful flower arrangements suitable for all occasions which can include:-
  • A beautiful country style arrangement – an abundance of flowers and foliage for that impressive look.
  • wreath design suitable for Weddings Christmas or to enhance any interior.
  • Stylish Modern  Design Simple Easy and Quick but with loads of impact.
  • Pretty Roses and herbs hand tied posy design.
  • Introduction to buttonhole/corsage work.  Learn how to wire and tape leaves and floral stems with wonderful results.   In addition to the above many participants take home beautiful corsages as gifts for Mums Nans etc.

Full choice is given re flower colours and any personal likes/dislikes taken into account. Many of the courses I do are for total novices.   Some girls want to know about flower arranging in order to start a business, some to help out at their own or a friends wedding and some want to be able to do more wow factor flowers in their own home for entertaining etc. We work in a very casual fashion but everyone without exception gains loads of confidence and some lovely flower arrangements.

Courses take place in Nantwich Cheshire.   The course includes all  flowers foliage vases wires ribbons tapes etc. etc.  

Experimenting at the moment with one to one online , silk only for now. I send out everything you need and we go from there at a mutually convenient date and time. Working well for my long distance students. 

If booking please state any colour likes/dislikes as you will be living with the finished arrangements for quite some time. 3 hour course £145 in top quality silk or £185 in fresh. All flowers & vases/containers supplied.

Gift Vouchers are available at every price level.